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Internal pullers

Fast and easy bearing dismounting

The SKF TMIP Internal bearing pullers are specially designed for dismounting bearings from housings where the fit is on the outer ring. 
SKF designed, the bearing pullers generate optimum puller force with use of spring-operated extractors and a unique designed sliding hammer, with no need for additional tools.timp 2

  • Easy removal of bearings from housings, timp 1

       decreases the amount of time to d

       ismount the bearing

  • Specifically designed to suit bearing bore diameters, making the selection of extractors easy
  • High-strength chrome coated engineering steel used in the puller construction provides optimum strength and durability
  • Spring operated extractors helps result in easy expansion of the extractor to fit the inner ring
  • Optimised claw design provides a secure grip behind the inner ring, generating higher puller force with less effort
  • Ergonomic sliding hammer facilitates ease of use
  • SKF designed, patent pending

Internal bearing puller kit TMIP 7-28 
Supplied with 4 extractors covering bore diameters from 7 to 28 mm (0.28 to 1.1 in.) 

Internal bearing puller kitTMIP 30-60 
Supplied with 2 extractors covering bore diameters from 30 to 60 mm (1.2 to 2.4 in.)

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TMIP 7-28 TMIP 30-60

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